My Mission

I have always appreciated the quality of content that can be found on the web for the programming community. Almost every question I’ve ever had about programming has been quickly answered by a Google search thanks to other developers providing their knowledge and experiences to the public. Until now I have only been a consumer of that content, but I would very much like to start giving back; such is my mission for this blog.

Who am I?

My name is Nathan Phetteplace, and I am a software engineer (with a degree in Electrical Engineering from Texas A&M) currently working in the oil and gas industry. In particular, I work for Blueback Reservoir where I write plugins for Petrel using Schlumberger’s Ocean API. Before that I worked at Texas Memory Systems (now owned by IBM) where I wrote device drivers and user-space applications in embedded Linux.

What will I blog about?

Given that Petrel is a C# .NET application, and that I work in oil and gas, my primary focus will be in those areas. I will be posting quite a bit about programming in Petrel and Ocean. The API itself is well-documented and usually straight-forward, but it is also very large and incomplete in some areas (though their developers are improving on the coverage with every release). I also find that there is a difference between how developers understand geophysical concepts compared to the users. I intend to clarify some of these differences as I talk about the API.

I will also share information on general C# programming as well. I am very interested in design patterns and writing code with good architecture. I have a lot to learn on this subject, but I have also found that teaching something is the best way to learn it.

I like feedback!

I would appreciate any feedback you have to give. You can do so by commenting on my posts, sending me an email, or by contacting me through any of the social profiles that I have provided in the side bar.